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New To Second-Hand Hearing Aids?

NEW and Refurbished Hearing Aids Shop Categories

  • RIC Hearing Aids

    Receiver In Canal (RIC) hearing aids feature a casing behind the ear which holds the microphone, amplifier and processor.

    Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aids place the amplified sound directly into your ear canal for the best sound reproduction. Please see our extensive range (something for everyone at affordable prices).

    Please browse our products here or call us on 0330 230 3333 to discuss what will be best for you.


  • BTE Hearing Aids.

    Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids feature a casing behind the ear which holds all the electronics including; the microphone, speaker, amplifier and processor.

    Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids (non RIC) use the more traditional method of having the receiver behind the ear and the amplified sound being transferred to a mould or dome within the ear via a small tube. These aids tend to be more affordable but also much more suited to a more profound level of hearing loss. Please browse our products here or call us on 0330 230 3333 to discuss what will be best for you.


  • Digital Hearing Aids.

    Digital hearing aids are able to do much more than simply capture sound through a microphone and amplify it through a speaker, in the way analog hearing aids do.

    Digital hearing aids are the successor of analogue hearing aids. Digital Hearing Aids offer many more features and much greater flexibility that their analogue predecessor. All of our new and, more affordable, refurbished hearing aids are digital.


  • Bluetooth Hearing Aids.

    Bluetooth hearing-aids can connect to other bluetooth enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, bluetooth hearing aid accessories and more.

    Bluetooth hearing aids offer seamless streaming of audio from many devices, including all smartphones. All of the new and latest hearing aids from Hearing Aids Direct offer direct bluetooth streaming. As do many of our cheaper, second hand, models. Some of the more economical options are bluetooth enabled but require an intermediary accessory, many of which are available here.


  • Waterproof Hearing Aids.

    Shop the best waterproof hearing aid options currently available. For sports use – choose the rechargeable versions.

    Waterproof hearing aids are a relatively new thing. Phonak are leading the charge in this area. Their ‘Life’ hearing aids are market leaders in this field. The inner and outer shell coatings required to achieve good depth and time immersion make the aids slightly larger but there are obvious benefits. Founder Zoe recently tried them (see her review here). The ease with which you can transition from gym to pool to steam to shower without removing your aids is very liberating.


  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids.

    Explore the latest rechargeable hearing aids from the best hearing aid brands at the lowest online prices, letting you take your devices with you wherever you go.

    Rechargeable hearing aids have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. All makes and models now have rechargeable cells more than capable of lasting for a full day. Simply remove them at the end of each day, place them in the charger and they’ll be ready for the whole day ahead. No more need to remember to take your batteries with you! Better for our beautiful planet too!!


  • Hearing Aids For Tinitus.

    Some studies have strongly suggested that hearing aids do help to reduce the effect of Tinnitus and help to improve the quality of life for a significant number of people.

    Tinnitus hearing aids are relatively specialist. They work in two ways. Primarily correcting any hearing loss to enable you to focus more on the external sounds of the world around you (rather than the ringing in your ears). Some tinnitus specific models also have the ability to play you white noise in order distract your attention away from your tinnitus. Similarly they can play noises to further divert your attention and to have a calming effect. There is a lot of evidence that reducing stress helps reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. Please call us or book a video appointment to discuss the options we have available for you.



Repurposed Hearing Aids

Recommended NEW Brands At The Best Prices

Choose from our wide selection of well known brand names. We Won't be beaten on price this is our guarantee

How does hearing aids direct work?

In order to buy any refurbished hearing aids (or NEW) you really must have an in-person hearing test with an HCPC registered audiologist. This is really important to check your ear health and to make sure there isn't a different cause for your hearing loss. We can arrange this in your home if that will be easier. Following this initial appointment and assessment our wonderful team will be able to help you choose the perfect hearing aid to suit your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget needs. See our simple to follow step by step process below.

refurbished hearing aids
Select your hearing aid/s

After sending us your audiogram results, it's time to select your hearing aids. With various manufacturers and styles available, the choice can be overwhelming. Our team of experts, including audiologists and knowledgeable associates, can simplify the process for you. Making the right choice is crucial to avoid a negative first experience that might deter you from using hearing aids in the future. Schedule your free consultation with us today. We offer round-the-clock support via phone, email, or virtual video calls. If you opt for custom in-canal hearing aids, we'll assist with arranging your impressions and sending us the molds.

refurbished hearing aids
Order and Pay

Placing your hearing aids in the basket is a breeze; then proceed with our straightforward check-out process. Once your order reaches us, expect a prompt email confirmation and a personalized contact from our team to coordinate your fitting. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to ensure a seamless experience.

refurbished hearing aids
Fitting your hearing aids

Your aids will arrive fully programmed. We have instructional videos on ‘how to fit’ your aids. In a nutshell you need to make sure they have power (battery or charged), turn them on and place them on or in your ear depending on the aid type. If you are unsure, again, please do watch one of the videos, get in touch, or we can arrange for you to see one of our audiologists. From there it should be many years of happy hearing aid wear and the ongoing care of your new and refurbished hearing aids will become of paramount importance. If you are at all unsure about how to go about this then do please get in touch or browse through our selection of videos.

refurbished hearing aids
Minor adjustments from your home with our Audioligists

With our new hearing aids then any minor adjustments you might need can be carried out remotely. In the case of first-time hearing aids our audiologists will have sent them out to you programmed at a level of approximately 80% of your prescription. This is done to allow you to get used to wearing them. They can be then be reset remotely. If you have worn hearing aids before then they will be sent out to full prescription. Again, it is vital you have had a recent (3 months) audiogram.

We sell the main Hearing Aid Brands

  • Hearing Aids NHS

    Hearing Aids NHS. NHS hearing aids can have such a massive impact on a person’s life. However, there are benefits to the in

  • Second hand hearing aids

    We are passionate about making the very best hearing aids (care and accessories) available to as many people as we can.  As af

  • Oticon OPN S1 Review

    A particular favourite of Hearing Aids Direct Founder Zoe Fawcett-Eustace, the Oticon OPNS1 is a cracking little RIC 'receiver

Customer Reviews

"I’d begun to notice that I was struggling to hear people clearly in larger social groups. Combined with my fiancee’s frustration at having to repeat herself I felt the time was right to investigate my hearing and any need possible need for hearing aids. Hearing Aids Direct were so helpful. The process was incredibly easy. Their knowledgeable, approachable staff were brilliant and instilled confidence in me at each and every step of the journey. I chose Phonak L90 hearing aids. I have found them incredibly helpful, not least the seamless Bluetooth connectivity. Being able to stream music and calls on the go is great. I was also very impressed by the remote fitting sessions. I was unsure about a bit of the functionality of the aids. Nigel tweaked my second hand hearing aids remotely during an evening session. So I didn’t need to take any time off work. I can’t recommend Hearing Aids Direct highly enough."

Mr F, Cotswolds, early 50’s.

"I had been struggling with getting used to wearing my NHS hearing aids at the point when I then lost one. Faced with a 4 month wait to see my local hearing centre and the irritation of my family at my inability to hear them I searched for an inexpensive alternative. I was so happy to find Hearing Aids Direct. I was a bit apprehensive at the thought of considering private hearing aids as my friends, who had already done so ,told me how expensive they were. I had a long chat with Zoe from Hearing Aids Direct and she helped me arrange an up to date hearing test with one of their audiologists at home. I chose a pair or refurbished hearing aids. They are a few years old and Zoe explained they were the middle level of technology but by comparison to my previous NHS aids they have been so much easier to get on with. Everything is clearer. I’ve been able to turn the TV down to ‘normal’ levels and everyone is finding it easier to talk to me. It really has been a great experience. It was helpful to do everything from the comfort of my own home or remotely via the app."

Mr H, Berkshire, early 80’s

Choose Confidently

We’re so proud of our fantastic audiologists, nurses and consultants with whose help we feel confident you will find the very best hearing aids for you.   We’re looking forward to helping you with each step on your, new or second-hand hearing aids journey.

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