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Hearing Aid Repairs

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Hearing Aid Repairs:

How do I get my hearing aids repaired?

Initially, and to save yourself a lot of unnecessary inconvenience, please run through our checklist of ‘common faults’ below.  It is often simple (and easier) to make adjustments at home.  Run through the  list before you send your hearing aid in for repair.  No need to feel daunted, we have super informative instructional videos to help you with most of it.  Having made sure it isn’t something you can easily fix at home, yourself then we can repair it for you.

In order to schedule a repair please find your proof of purchase.  If the device is still under warranty then you can fill out our RETURNS form and post it  (tracked and guaranteed) back to us.

Easy fixes to try at home (before booking a repair):

We appreciate how much difference having the right hearing aid makes.  The main reason we are committed to making the best hearing aids available at the best prices possible!  We don’t want you to be without your hearing aids unless there’s absolutely no other option.  Hearing aids are brilliantly resilient and often if they aren’t working properly it is something that can easily be fixed, conveniently, by you, at home.  It is therefor really important that you work through our check list of ‘Easy fixes to try at home’ before you register and send you devices in for repair.  We have really simple and informative instructions to help you troubleshoot all of the most common hearing aid (fixable at home) ailments.

In order to schedule a repair please find your proof of purchase.  If the device is still under warranty then you can fill out our RETURNS form and post it  (tracked and guaranteed) back to us.

Common Fault Checklist:

Makes sure the hearing aid has power

It is always a good idea to make sure your hearing aids are charging.  If you have a hearing aid and charger set up that has metal contact points then giving these a really good wipe and leaving to dry is a first port of call.  If you have battery powered aids then check the date on your batteries, again check the contact points and change the batteries.

It may just be the receiver

For the newer aids we will be able to access the receivers remotely and dispose any problems.  It is very straightforward to change the receiver.  We have written and video instructions in our ‘Useful Tips’ section.

Are your hearing aids too wet?

No matter how careful we are, build up of moisture can be a really big, but easily fixed, problem.  To fix this either leave your hearing aids in a well ventilated, warm space for a while or it might be a good idea to invest in a drying box (available here).

Wax, wax and sometimes there’s just more wax!

The most common problem, by far, is a build-up of wax. Regular maintenance and cleaning and keeping on top of changing the wax filters is incredibly important.  For quick and easy tips on how to keep your hearing aids wax-free and in tip-top working order, please check in our ‘Useful Tips’ section.

If, having tried all of our ‘easy fixes’ you are still not happy with the way you hearing aids are sounding or if they are still not working then you’ll need to book them in for a repair.  Here’s how!

Book your hearing aids in for repair:

If you have worked through the ‘Easy Fixes’ and your hearing aids are still covered under the terms of your warranty then please:

1. Print a copy of the return form HERE.  If you are unsure if your hearing aids/accessories are still under warranty, please contact us.

2. Carefully pack up both hearing aids/accessories (even if only one is not working, please send the working one too).

3. Post your hearing aids/accessory to:

Hearing Aids Direct Ltd
P O Box 816

Banbury OX16 6TW

This will be need to be at your cost and responsibility so it is a good idea to insure them and hold onto your ‘Proof of Posting’.

4.  We’ll repair your hearing aids or accessory.

5.  We’ll get them back to you without delay.  We aim to have all hearing aids/accessories returned within a week.  Occasionally it can take up to (but no longer than) two weeks.