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Order your perfect hearing aids and accessories!

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Order your perfect hearing aids and accessories!

Choosing, ordering, buying, receiving, tailoring and fitting your hearing aids is very straightforward and easy with Hearing Aids Direct.  We’re here to help you every step of the way.  If you’d like help at any stage of the process then we’re always on hand.  Please do call us:  0330 230 3333, email us:  info@hearingaids-direct.co.uk or book a consultation (either video or in-person) through our Contact Us Form.

Here’s our step by step outline of how to buy your hearing aids:

1. First and foremost make sure you have had a full hearing examination and screening.  We can help you with this if you need us to.

2. Have a detailed hearing test by a qualified audiologist to obtain an up-to-date audiogram.  Again, any concerns or worries, please do contact us.

3. Browse through our extensive ranges of ‘New’ and ‘Refurbished’ hearing aids.  You may already have a preferred manufacturer in mind.  We are, as always, very happy to help you with this process.  Our audiologists will always check the products chosen against your hearing loss profile.  Taking into account the answers you have given about your lifestyle.  Including what you hope the hearing aids will be able to do.

4. Create an account.  This only takes a minute and requires standard contact information.

5. Place your chosen hearing aids into your basket.  Please check that you have ordered the correct numbers and sides.  For example, if you have unilateral hearing loss (only one side), it is important to specify which side aid you will require.  Your ‘New’ hearing aids will always come with a starter kit for battery aids (starter pack – battery)  and a charger and starter kit (starter pack – rechargeable) for rechargeable ones.  Please make sure you add any accessories (extra batteries, domes, dry boxes, wax guards, cleaning products filters etc) you will need into your basket.

6. Please make sure you have uploaded your latest audiogram to your account.  This will need to be no more than 3 months old (and have been carried out by a trained, registered professional).  If you need help arranging your audiogram or for help uploading it to your account, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by Phone:  0330 230 3333, email:  info@hearingaids-direct.co.uk or book a consultation (either via video or in-person through our Contact Us Form).

7. Choose your preferred payment method (remembering it will need to be registered to the same address as your delivery address) and proceed through the checkout.  You will receive guidance and prompts at each stage.

8. Add your preferred delivery method and location.

9. Our audiologists will review your audiogram and chosen product and contact you if they have any queries or concerns about how the two elements complement each other (again they will also consider budget and lifestyle requirements within this).  If they feel there may be a better fit for you available (both ‘new’ and ‘refurbished’) on the site they will contact you.

10. Assuming both you and our audiologists are happy with your choice they will continue to set your hearing aids to your specific requirements.  Tailoring them to match your audiogram and optimising them for feed back etc.  This bespoke shaping of the hearing aid is a vital part of the process.  To ensure both your hearing safety and also to ensure maximum benefit for you from your hearing aids.

11. Once the audiologists are happy they will despatch your hearing aids to you.  These will be sent via a fully tracked and insured 48 hour service.

12. At the point of despatch we will contact you to make a fitting appointment.

13. Following your fitting appointment you are ‘good to go’.  We recommend that you try your hearing aids for a few weeks.  If it is your first experience of wearing hearing aids we may have set them to slightly below your prescribed hearing loss.  In order to enable you to ease into wearing them and to adjust to your new level of hearing.  You may also wish to wear them for a few hours initially.  Gradually building up over the first two weeks to full time wear.  Where possible we always advise you wear your hearing aids as often as possible.  To help you prevent all the other effects of hearing loss (potential onset of dementia and social isolation).  However, this is mainly to help your brain adapt and minimise the brain fatigue caused by continual change.

14. After the first few weeks we will arrange another appointment with you.  At this stage our audiologists will ask you how you have got on.  They will make any adjustments you might like.  From this point you should be ready for a few years of rewarding wear with your new hearing aids.  With ‘new’ hearing aids these adjustments can mostly be made remotely.  With the benefit of extra convenience for you.  With some of our ‘refurbished’ hearing aids you will need to send them in or visit one of our audiologists.  We can help you with each step of this process too.

15. Lastly we are always here to help you with any concerns or queries you may have.  We are always delighted to hear from you.  For any queries or questions please get in touch with us:

You can call us: 0330 230 3333, email us:  info@hearingaids-direct.co.uk or book a consultation (either video or in-person) through our Contact Us Form.