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Who We Are

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Zoe Fawcett-Eustace

Hopefully founding Hearing Aids Direct will make sense of the lifelong saga of my ears! I began to lose my hearing at around 14 years of age and began wearing hearing aids at 17.

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Gordon McIntyre

Co-Founders Zoe and Gordon met in Oxford when they were 18 whilst Gordon was studying for his Business Diploma. With a shared love of the countryside, and many friends in common the beginnings of a lifelong (to date, over 3 decades and counting) friendship were set.

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Repurposed Hearing Aids

Your Journey with Hearing Aids Direct

Advances in technology and connectivity mean you can now buy, programme and adjust your new hearing aids from the comfort and convenience of your own home. A complete hearing aid online purchase.

refurbished hearing aids
Select your hearing aid/s

After sending us your audiogram results, it's time to select your hearing aids. With various manufacturers and styles available, the choice can be overwhelming. Our team of experts, including audiologists and knowledgeable associates, can simplify the process for you. Making the right choice is crucial to avoid a negative first experience that might deter you from using hearing aids in the future. Schedule your free consultation with us today. We offer round-the-clock support via phone, email, or virtual video calls. If you opt for custom in-canal hearing aids, we'll assist with arranging your impressions and sending us the molds.

refurbished hearing aids
Order and Pay

Placing your hearing aids in the basket is a breeze; then proceed with our straightforward check-out process. Once your order reaches us, expect a prompt email confirmation and a personalized contact from our team to coordinate your fitting. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to ensure a seamless experience.

refurbished hearing aids
Fitting your hearing aids

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refurbished hearing aids
Minor adjustments from your home with our Audioligists

With our new hearing aids then any minor adjustments you might need can be carried out remotely. In the case of first-time hearing aids our audiologists will have sent them out to you programmed at a level of approximately 80% of your prescription. This is done to allow you to get used to wearing them. They can be then be reset remotely. If you have worn hearing aids before then they will be sent out to full prescription. Again, it is vital you have had a recent (3 months) audiogram.

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Trusted Audiologists

We work with professional Audiologists

During his training Kaz worked at the local hospital in High Wycombe and on graduating worked in Austria for a leading cochlear implant manufacturer. He then went onto work for one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers as a Technical Support Audiologist; supporting audiologists and hearing aid users with troubleshooting/technical advice and training to achieve effective outcomes.