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Zoe Fawcett-Eustace

Hopefully founding Hearing Aids Direct will make sense of the lifelong saga of my ears!

I began to lose my hearing at around 14 years of age and began wearing hearing aids at 17.

I count my blessings every day to have been born in the UK with our wonderful NHS.  That I had the benefit of access to free hearing aids as soon as, it was identified that, I needed them.  I also feel grateful, daily, that many years later I was fortunate enough to be able to buy my own and access the private technology.  I had to wait many years until I could afford to buy my own hearing aids.  In the way that my first NHS ones made such a massive impact on my life, so did my first private ones.

Inevitably many (most) audiologists aren’t hearing aid wearers.  Co-Founder Gordon and I are driven by a desire to try and make good hearing aids as accessible to as many people as possible.  It is our aim, to draw on my personal and practical experience of hearing loss (you can read more about this here) and his entrepreneurial experience, to do this.

Our ‘new’ hearing aids are sold on an ‘unbundled’ basis.  Many people like the traditional method of hearing aid buying.  Where the hearing aids are sold as part of  a ‘package’.  That you choose a ‘tier’ of product and service to include the hearing aids and various services and items.  There is an obvious benefit to this in that it offers a level of confidence in the amount of financial commitment required over any given period.  This is still widely available.  However, I found that I really didn’t feel I needed as many aftercare appointments or consumables as these packages allowed for.  I felt I would prefer a more ‘pas as you go’ approach.  Which is why our hearing aids are sold at very competitive prices offering you the opportunity to choose which ‘extra’ bits will benefit you the most.

Our ‘refurbished’ hearing aid section has been founded to try and, again, make good hearing aids accessible to as many people as possible.  A refurbished hearing aid is a great way to access the private technology (which really made such a difference to my life!) at an affordable price.  If you are just starting thinking about wearing hearing aids for the first time then we have so many fantastic hearing aids available.  Or even if you have been an NHS hearing aid wearer for years and have thought about the private ones but been put off by the price?  The price of new aids may seem a bit daunting.  I like to think about many of ours car owning journeys.  Most of us don’t buy a top model straight off the production line the first time – do we?  It also feel important in times of climate change that we make every effort to refurbish and reuse as many things as possible, why not hearing aids too?  All of our hearing aids are sanitised and serviced and all of the smaller parts replaced so they really are ’as good as new’.

We look forward to speaking to you and helping you choose the right affordable brilliant hearing solution for you.  You can contact us in all the usual ways!

By phone:  0330 203 3333

By mail:  info@hearingaids-direct.co.uk